hey there.

We’re Alexa & Evan, a (soon-to-be) husband-wife duo who love people, dogs, bad dancing, new friendships, hiking, libraries, Sour Patch Kids, and genuine love in all its many forms.

We understand that photographs are more than just pieces of paper or digital files - photographs are heirlooms; they’re physical, tangible memories of moments you never want to forget. Whether it’s senior photos, family portraits, or the entirety of your wedding day, we want to document not only how those moment looked, but how they felt.

We’re here for the real stuff. The big smiles and the quiet moments. The perfectly planned and the delightfully unexpected. The inside jokes and the super-tight hugs and the laughing so hard your stomach hurts.

We aim to be your silent sidekicks; your invisible allies and biggest fans. Whether it be someone to bustle your dress, a pocket full of extra bobby pins and tissues, a reassuring voice, a granola bar when you’re feeling low, someone to carry your bags, or just a heartfelt “you’re seriously amazing,” we’ve got your back. We want to make sure every moment goes as smoothly as possible, you’re totally comfortable, and you feel as radiant as you look.

Above all, we want to tell your story. You have something totally unique that deserves it’s own little place in history. We are so inspired by you and would be honored to help show the world how incredible you really are.